what’s ballistic nylon fabric ?

Do you know nylon fabric, ballistic nylon fabric? And do you know the difference between nylon fabric and ballistic nylon fabric?

Ballistic nylon fabric is thick, tough, durable, high tenacity , high abrasion resistance and puncture resistance, but it’s not bulletproof. Created by DuPont during World War II, its original intended purpose was for protecting aircraft personnel from shrapnel, bullets, and other ballistic impacts . Though tough, ballistic nylon proved largely ineffective for this purpose. Today ballistic nylon is most commonly found in gear that sustains a lot of use and abrasion.

Ballistic nylon  is made with a “ballistic weave” that particularly tight and dense weave to maximizes the fabric’s durability and tear resistance, typically a 2*2 basket weave. This weave pattern provides exceptional tear resistance in all directions, while the large denier of the individual nylon threads effectively resists abrasion. Now It can be woven from nylon yarns of various denier, such as 840 denier, 1260 denier, 1680 denier, 2520 denier, 3530 denier.

Ballistic nylon fabric is  the top choice for soft-sided luggage, motorcycle chaps and other applications where durability and not weight is the key factor.  if you’re looking for one of the most durable fabrics in your next purchase, you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative.